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Max Minkoff

Full Stack Web Developer

Multidisciplinary Senior Software Engineer. Early-stage startup veteran (with snazzy executive titles to prove it) seeking a hands-on role in a more established organization that emphasizes enduring value over short-term payoff. Industrial engineer and Wharton MBA able to translate business needs into technical solutions and explain complex concepts in simple terms. Delights in collaborating with product, engineering, and business team members to create elegant, extensible, understandable tools that exceed goals and users love.


Some recent and/or interesting projects

eThree's goexp.it

Heather Mitts on goexp.it
Versatile web-based learning experience platform, enabling communicators of all types to engage consumers with students and customers. Built using EmberJS and Ruby on Rails on Heroku.


ourgroove.studio screenshot
An effort to solve the problem of making music together over video conference, it allows music leaders to upload MP3s and control synchronized playback on any number of remote computers. Front end prototyped in ReactJS then converted to EmberJS. Back end uses Ruby on Rails on Heroku. Real-time communication uses Websocket via Rails' Action Cable.

Beth Sholom Livestream

Beth Sholom Congregation
bethsholom5781.org screenshot
Designed, installed, and operated three-camera remote-controlled livestream for over 1,000 congregants at historic synagogue. Created alternate website to avoid the inevitable server overload at primary website using EmberJS, Bulma, and AWS.

Cookulus Perfect Cookie Recipes

cookulus app
Cookulus screenshot
Unique configurable cookie recipe app, adjusting recipes to deliver crispy or soft, chewy or crumbly, and thin or thick cookies. Read what Newsweek had to say about it.

Telestrat Education

Created DVD-based Corporate Finance and Financial Statement training for lawyers and business profesionals.

School's Out Indefinitely

school's out Indefinitely
schoolsoutindefinitely.com screenshot
Simple website curating virtual learning resources during the 2020 pandemic and beyond. Uses Airtable.com for data storage and otherwise static EmberJS site hosted on AWS. You can view the code here.


EmberEmberJS Add-On providing file picking, storing, and converting functionality from Filestack using filestack-js.

This Website

max's portfolio website
Simple website to highlight some of my projects and demonstrate some simple code. Uses EmberJS and Bulma CSS Framework, hosted on AWS using S3 for the website and API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Simple Email Service for the contact form.

Master's Thesis

university of washington
Master's thesis cover
My design for a Virtual Reality system architecture when I studied Industrial Engineering/Human Factors (i.e. user interface) and had a research fellowship in the Human Interface Technology Lab doing VR work. Turns out to have been consistent with the MVC Pattern, in that the design included independent "displays" (i.e. views) that were responsible for low-latency UI, models, and controllers that connected elements to a network-distributed database.


Some personal projects/activities

King Triton's Trident

Max as King Triton with trident
Multi-functional (but sadly not magical) prop used in two local productions of the Disney's The Little Mermaid musical. Arduino, buttons and sensors, and over 90 leds. Video, code, and every little detail here.


Guys & Dolls
I dipped my toe into theater in 2015 and quickly became hooked. As much as I enjoy so many of the challenges and rewards of theater, helping to build high performing teams within a short period of time may be my favorite part and one of several that directly reflect on how I approach my work as well.

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